A newly built complex of sports grounds in Guca, in a beautiful natural setting, on the banks of the river Bjelica is available to the lovers of active vacation. You may choose one of the following activities: basketball, football, beach volleyball or swimming in the pool in the hot summer months. You can spend pleasant evenings strolling through the streets of the town. The primary and secondary school in Guca also have gyms.

Lucani is famous for sportsmen,  especially the successful football and volleyball players. In addition to the football pitch, there are tennis courts and a swimming pool and nice walkways.
A good sports infrastructure is used for organizing various events and competitions. The most important are: International football tournament for youth teams “Guca trophy”, a traditional weekend chess tournament, karate tournament, which is organized on the day of the municipality, memorial volleyball tournament “Branislav Popovic Pop” etc.
Pedestrian, hiking and biking trail project is in the final stages which will attract the lovers of these sports.