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The presence of wildlife in the forests of Dragacevo is a good basis for the development of tourism. The hunting grounds “Dragacevo” in the municipality of Lucani belongs to the hilly type of hunting grounds and covers an area of 45,423 hectares. The hunting area is attractive and has a lot of variety of wildlife: deer, wild boar, rabbit, pheasant, partridge, wolf, fox, marten, badger, magpies, crows and many other animals. Wild pigs are hunted on higher hunting grounds, roebuck and wolves on the slopes of Cemerno mountain, and other big game is hunted in hunting grounds all over the field. Hunters from Dragacevo are organized in hunting association “Dragacevo” based in Guca. Services related to hunting include: hunting lodge in Kaona, several hunting lodges and a number of waiting/watchtowers in the area of the upper Dragacevo.




The beautiful nature, peace and fish stock provide excellent opportunities for a good catch. The most suitable places for fishing in the municipality of Lucani include: Vuckovica Lake, the river Bjelica and the upper course of the river Rti. The water flow of the river Bjelica is rich in diverse freshwater fish, among them the nase, chub, gudgeon and barbel, as well as brown trout in the upper course of the river Rti. Vuckovica Lake is the largest accumulation in Dragacevo. The most common types of fish are carp, bream, crucian carp and chub. Fishing trails project is planned for the spring.