The monastery of the Holy Trinity was built on the west slope of Ovčar mountain. The first known written record of this church is from the Turkish defter which was made in 1572. The residence, which is still in use, was built in 1844. It is not known exactly when this temple was built. According to a legend, it was built by the monks of the monastery Sretenje. However, based on the architecture of the monastery church, the experts think that it may be older than the monastery of Sretenje. The church is a single-nave building from the first half of 17th century,  with developed sanctuary to the east and a narthex to the west. A dome rises over the central part of the temple. The church belongs to the Raška school of architecture, and its architectural characteristics and values may be compared  with the church of the Ascension in Žiča or Holy Apostles in Peć. There are two frescoes that remained (Holy Trinity and the virgin with the child). The temple is one of the most beautiful buildings in the western part of Serbia.