The church in Tijanje is dedicated to Saint Prokop, the Holy Martyr. It was built in 1810 and its founder was Josif Milovanović. It is located next to the road Tijanje-Čačak, on the left bank of the Tijanje river. The temple is a one-nave church with a semi-circular apse and later attached to the bell tower on the west side. The church was restored in 1856 when it was partially extended and a beautiful bell tower was built.

In addition to the churches in Guca, Goracici and Tijanje, which are the most important, there are churches in other villages in the municipality of Lučani:

  • Church in Lucani dedicated to St. Sava
  • Church dedicated to St. George, Great Martyr and the church dedicated to St. Pantelejmon in Kotraza
  • Church in Rti dedicated to St. Ilija
  • Church in Grab dedicated to St. Peter, Paul and John
  • Church in Vica dedicated to St. Ilija
  • Church in Kaona dedicated to St. John
  • Church in Zeoke dedicated to St. Vasilije and
  • Church of the Holy Archangel Gabriel and the church dedicated to all the saints in Donji Dubac.