The monastery Sretenje is located on the slopes of the mountain Ovčar, four kilometers from the spa Ovčar Banja. It has not been reliably determined when this monastery was built. Judging by the architectural characteristics, it was probably built in 16th century. One of these architectural characteristics is the preserved wall iconostasis, the only of its kind in the monasteries in the Ovčar and Kablar gorge. It is quite similar to the iconostasis of the church in Karan, which implies that the original architectural characteristics were retained during the restoration. A marble rosette, marble baptistery and remains of an earlier fresco layer have a special value. The church has a single nave. The narthex with a bell tower was built in 1818. The interior of the church was painted in 1844 by Živko Pavlović from Požarevac and Nikola Janković from Ohrid. The monastery compound consists of the church and two residences, the older one was built in 1845. One of the articles in the monastery treasury is a portrait of the bishop of Užice, Nikifor Maksimović, probably a work by Janko Mihailović Moler, a famous iconographer from a village  in Dragačevo, Negrišori, who was a priest serving in Tijanje.