A large group of monasteries, commonly known as “the Serbian Holy Mountain”, are located on the slopes of the mountains Ovcar and Kablar, where the river Zapadna Morava has imprinted its characteristic curves onto the landscape. Most of these monasteries were built during the Ottoman rule, when they had great historical, cultural and educational importance.

It is not known how many shrines were there in this area, but today there are ten monasteries and two sacred sites. The following monasteries are located on the left bank of the river Zapadna Morava:  Blagovestenje, Ilinje, Jovanje, Nikolje and Uspenje, and on the right side: Vavedenje, Vaznesenje, Preobraženje, Sv. Trojice and Sretenje. In addition to the monasteries in the Ovcar-Kablar gorge, there are two sacred sites: the church of St. Sava and the cave-church Kadjenica.

Three out of ten monasteries of the Ovcar-Kablar gorge are located in the territory of Dragacevo – Preobrazenje, Svete Trojice and Sretenje, as well as the cave-church Kadjenica.