Churches And Monasteries

Churches and monasteries of this region represent significant cultural monuments. There are no preserved churches from the period before the First Serbian Uprising. During the uprising and after 1815, old churches were renewed and the new ones were built.

The Church in Guca

The church in Guca is dedicated to the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel. It is located in the centre of this small town.  It was transferred from the village of Kornet near Dragačica where it was built in 1797. It was being built from 1828 to 1831. The church has an old iconostasis dating from...

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The Church in Goracici

The church in Goračići is the oldest church in Dragačevo and the only church which is a listed building. It was built in the period from 1807 to 1810. The church is dedicated to the birth of Virgin Mary (Nativity). It is situated in a beautiful natural setting, close to the Museum of the rising of...

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Monastery Sretenje

The monastery Sretenje is located on the slopes of the mountain Ovčar, four kilometers from the spa Ovčar Banja. It has not been reliably determined when this monastery was built. Judging by the architectural characteristics, it was probably built in 16th century. One of these architectural...

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The church in Tijanje

The church in Tijanje is dedicated to Saint Prokop, the Holy Martyr. It was built in 1810 and its founder was Josif Milovanović. It is located next to the road Tijanje-Čačak, on the left bank of the Tijanje river. The temple is a one-nave church with a semi-circular apse and later attached to the...

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Monasteries in the Ovcar-Kablar Gorge

A large group of monasteries, commonly known as “the Serbian Holy Mountain”, are located on the slopes of the mountains Ovcar and Kablar, where the river Zapadna Morava has imprinted its characteristic curves onto the landscape. Most of these monasteries were built during the Ottoman rule, when...

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