Archaeological Sites

They represent a rich cultural and historical heritage Dragačevo. Some are from the prehistoric period, the other from the ancient Roman period (ruins, basilicas etc.), the third belong to the Serbian Middle Ages. Important sites from the prehistoric period are the Neolithic settlements Breg in Guca and Velika Livada in Krstac originating from the period of the Vinca culture group, then Ornica in Guca etc. More valuable finds from this period are stone axes, knives onyx and ceramic fragments. The greater archaeological significance has the Roman period with traces of settlements, mining, cemeteries, money and the like. Important sites from this period are in Dljin, Lucani, Rtari, Ducalovici, Vica, Donja and Gornja Kravarica and Rasovac. The sites dating from the Middle Ages are also a significant legacy. The old Greek, Hungarian and Turkish cemeteries are found in many villages. The remains of churches, known as "Crkvine", which were destroyed during the Turkish period are in Guberevci, Zeoke, Rti, Vica, Vuckovica, Donji Dubac and Beli Kamen. Certainly the most impressive and the most beautiful traces of the past are the remains of ancient fortified towns, popularly known as the "gradine" (ruins). They are located in the Vuckovica, Vlasteljice, Puhovo, Rti, Vica (Jerina's town) but the most important two "ruins" are located on Jelica mountain in the village of Grab and Cava hill in the village of Lis.

Gradina on Cava hill

Gradina on Liska Cava is an early Byzantine fortress on a hill in the village of Lis, which is located approx. 5 km from Guca. Gradina on Liska Cava consists of the upper and lower town. The total area of the city is approx. four hectares. The preserved height of the walls is up to two meters and...

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Gradina Archaeological Site

Archaeological site of Gradina had been established possibly during the reign of Emperor Justinian in the 6th century, and is located in Dragacevo area on the mountain of Jelica, 8 km south-west from Cacak on the altitude of 846 meters. The dominating of Jelica Mountain is easily visible from the...

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