Guca is located at the crossroads through the Upper Dragacevo, at an altitude of 337 m. The river Bjelica flows through the centre of the small town. According to the last census Guca and its surroundings has 3,710 inhabitants.

Historical development

It was first mentioned in Turkish records from 1476, as a village in kadiluk Brvenik in the principality of Prince Paul. According to the census from that period, it had 14 households. The development of the town of Guca began in 1831 with the construction of the church. Guca became a small town in 1892. There are two legends related to the origin of the name Guca. According to one legend, the name  was derived from the verb ‘guciti’ – which means to hide, since the people used to hide from the Turks. Another legend suggests that the name was derived from the noun ‘gugutke’ – pigeons.



Guca is recognized around the world for the Trumpet Festival, which gathered approx. 500,000 visitors in the last few years. Raspevano Dragacevo is held every year at Easter and represents a review of folk creativity.

Guide through the town

Cultural, historical and religious sites are mainly concentrated in the centre of the town. The church in Guca is dedicated to the Holy Archangel Gabriel. It is located in a beautiful churchyard, in which the first Dragacevo Trumpet Festival was organized in 1961. The Trumpet Museum, dedicated to the history of the Trumpet Festival, is located next to the church. The monument to the trumpet player is located on the central square in Guca, across the street from the building of the old municipal administration. The Museum “Lapidarium” presents an outdoor exhibition of monuments ‘krajputasi’ (tombstones). It is located in a beautiful park of the elementary school.

On the spacious plain, by the river Bjelica, there is a complex of sports grounds which include: volleyball, beach volleyball and basketball courts, football pitch, swimming pool and stadium with main and auxiliary court.
You may find accommodation in Guca in one of the hostels or households. If you are interested in rural tourism, you may find accommodation in rural households not far from Guca.

Restaurants in Guca offer local specialities.