o_nama-01Tourist organization of Lucani, with its registered seat in Guca was founded by the Assembly of Lucani at the session held on 27 December 2012 in order to promote and improve tourism, valorisation, preservation and protection of tourism values in the municipality of Lucani, develop informational and promotional activities, encourage the improvement of the general conditions for admission and stay of tourists as well as other activities determined according to the Law, the Articles of Association and Statute.
The scope of activities of the Tourist Organisation of Lucani is as follows: improvement and promotion of tourism in the municipality Lucani, incentive and construction of touristic infrastructure and spatial planning, directing and coordinating the activities in order to improve and enrich the quality of tourism and complementary content and create an attractive tourism environment in tourist areas, participation in organization of the Dragacevo Trumpet Festival in Guca and other touristic, scientific, o_nama-02professional, sports meetings and events, plans and programs of promotion of tourism in line with the strategy of tourism promotion, provision of information and promotion materials which promote tourist value of the unit of local government (printed publications, audio and video promotional materials, web sites, souvenirs, etc.), presentation of tourist offer of the municipality in the country and abroad (fairs, seminars, etc.), improving the general conditions for admission and stay of tourists in tourist areas, improvement and promotion of native values (tradition, customs, ethnological treasures), activities and operations in the acquisition of own revenues (ticket sales for protected areas, bus service, tours, souvenirs, postcards, etc.) and other activities and according to the Articles of Association and Statute.